Design Tips

Have you ever heard about the “banana problem” that many sites experience? The banana problem refers to designers that don’t know when to stop (A little boy said “I know how to spell banana. I just don‘t know when to stop“).

Make sure that your site doesn’t have too many “bells and whistles”. It’s difficult for the visitor to concentrate on your message if there are thousands of flashing things all over the page. Nobody likes to wait, so make sure your pages load fast, don’t use too many graphics!

Another important issue is consistency. Don’t use brown for one heading and green for another heading. Decide on one color for headings and use it throughout the site.

Make your site easy to navigate, have links at the bottom (or on the left/right side) to other pages within the site.

And most of all:   "Make Sure You Have CONTACT INFORMATION On Your Site."
What good is it going to be if you have great site, great products but your potential client can’t contact you.